RELIANOID Load Balancer


RELIANOID Load Balancer (former Zevenet)

The Relianoid Virtual Appliance Load Balancer is aimed to provide massive scalability, high availability and increased security for your services, applications, and networks.


No need for installation that allows a quick production consolidation. The ZVA lightweight and portable format allow to be deployed in the most popular hypervisors with broad integration capabilities to be integrated easily in your infrastructure ensuring a productive and cost-saving setup and maintenance.



  • Load Balancing at layers L2, L3, L4, and L7, for networks, services, applications, and data centers.
  • Advanced HTTP application features like session persistence, redirections, virtual hosts, cookie insertion, reverse proxy, among others.
  • Support of dNAT (transparency), sNAT, DSR, and stateless DNAT topologies.
  • Configurable traffic flow consistency through persistence.
  • Layer 4 ultra-high performance and multi-protocol allowance in a single service.
  • Traffic scalability and distribution by weight, round robin, CPU load, memory, least connections, least response, etc.
  • Support of protocols TCP, UDP, SCTP, SIP, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, SSH, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, LDAP, LDAPS, radius, etc and applications MS Exchange, Lynx, Citrix, and more...
  • Advanced HTTPS features like SSL Offload, on the fly decryption/encryption, SNI and wildcard certificates support.
  • Ready for A+ in SSL Labs and PCI compliance.
  • Security analyzer to detect and fix security flaws or weak configurations.
  • Intrusion prevention and detection service (IPS+IDS).
  • Predefined and fully configurable blacklists per geography, special networks, bad peers, anti botnets, spammers, web scrapers, spyware, brute force hosts, web exploits, and more
  • DoS protection through detection of bogus TCP, maximum limit of established connections, resets, initial connections and more
  • Real-time blackhole lists or DNSBL protection lists using highly reputation lists.
  • Web Application Firewall with predefined signatures validation for web services and applications.
  • Advanced network management: VLANs, virtual IPs, link aggregation, static routing, and IPv6.
  • Configuration backups to allow quick disaster recovery procedures.
  • Active-passive stateful cluster service with automated replication.
  • Optimized for different virtualization platforms: Vmware, Hyper-V, Xen Server, and KVM.
  • Monitoring through SNMP, RRD graphs and email notifications.

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