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SHAREGATE - is the essential platform for your migration projects, and an out-of-the-box SharePoint and M365 management solution that just works.


SHAREGATE features:

  • Migration - Move what you want where you want it. ShareGate fast and simple migration tool is good to go from SharePoint migration to content management. Migrate to Microsoft 365. Move channels in Teams. Merge tenants. High five.
    • Migrate from file shares, SharePoint, Office 365, or one of many other supported sources
    • Move content between sites and tenants
    • Validate your migration before and after the move
    • Move Teams channels from one team to another, or migrate entire teams from another tenant in just a few clicks
    • Copy one or two team items or copy it all at once. Choose from conversation history, files, membership, apps, tabs or Planner plans.
    • Automatically map users at the destination to ensure the right people have the right access and permissions
    • Review errors that could have happened during your migration, get information on how to fix them, and easily re-copy only those items.
    • Get more flexibility with your Planner migrations even when they aren't associated with Teams. No fuss no muss!
  • Reporting - ShareGate's built-in and custom reports give you a total overview of your SharePoint and Teams inventory. See what exists. Who created it. If it's still alive. And course correct as needed.
  • Provisioning - Create customizable templates that encourage adoption by giving users the freedom they need. With your guardrails in place.
  • Automated governance for Microsoft 365 - Get your governance plan rolling by automating your policies and everyday IT tasks. Engage with owners to clean up, organize and govern your tenant in a snap.
  • Manage SharePoint and Teams permissions with confidence - Quickly see who can do what in your SharePoint and Teams environments. Right-size permissions settings to support your governance policies and keep your tenant on track.

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