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Vyond Studio makes it easy to create dynamic video for any situation. Mix multiple styles, create custom characters for any setting or job role then bring them to life with realistic movement, actions, and automatic lip-sync. Or spice up one of our pre-made templates with your own imported media.


Don't be limited by simplistic, cartoony, or template-based video creation tools. With Vyond Studio, you can combine the pre-built library of assets and styles with your own content to create dynamic, true-to-life videos that inform, educate, and fit your brand.


Vyond Studio Features:

  • Automatic Lip-Sync - With Vyond Studio, making your characters speak directly to your audience is a snap. Audio can be recorded directly from a computerís microphone, uploaded as an .MP3 file, or created with text-to-speech, then assigned to a character with the click of a button.
  • Limitless Customization - 3 styles each with pre-made templates, characters, and pre-animated assets allow you to visualize everything from presenting statistics at a board meeting to hitting a home run. Mix and match styles, start with premade templates, or import your own assets to create videos for any situation.
  • Hundreds of pre-made templates - Vyond Studio is complete with hundreds of premade templates built for any industry, job role, or scenario. These pre-constructed scenes give you an easy starting point for videos Ė making your video creation process faster, easier, and more intuitive.
  • Version History - Make a mistake? Version history allows you to quickly go back and take a look at each saved version of your video. This makes it simple to track changes between team members, or easily create a new video based on an old version.
  • Control Your Content - With Vyond, itís easy to use your videos for any purpose, or on any platform. All videos export as .mp4 files and can be added to video hosting platforms, social media channels, and LMS systems. For easy use on websites or in email, videos can also be exported as an animated GIF.
  • Enterprise-Level Security - Vyond Studio is designed to comply with your organizationís security requirements. Administrator-controlled password compliance and compatibility with both Google and Office 365 single sign-on ensure that your sensitive company data will remain secure. As advocates of consumer and enterprise data privacy, itís important that you know that your data is in good hands. We take the handling of user data seriously and fully comply with GDPR data handling requirements.
  • Built For Teams - Vyond Studio makes it easy for entire teams to work together and stay on the same page. Share custom characters, uploaded assets, and custom templates throughout your team Ė an easy, efficient way to save time and stay on-brand. Team members can share videos throughout their organization, making it simple to distribute production tasks throughout your team.
  • Vyond Accel - Vyond Accel helps large organizations define, deliver, and standardize video-making skills and best practices to get the most out of your communications. The Vyond Accel program takes the unique needs and goals of your organization and provides individualized training and resources to get your team up to speed and ready to create engaging, effective media.

Vyond Studio plans :

  • Vyond Premium - A single-user plan suitable for small business needs. Includes high quality exports and live chat support.
  • Vyond Professional - A scalable plan suitable for teams* at medium- and large-sized businesses. Includes advanced features and priority customer service. *Requires one seat for each user & seats cannot be shared.
  • Vyond Enterprise - An enterprise solution featuring the full capabilities of Vyond, augmented with cross-team collaboration, cross-team user management, advanced video and asset management, centralized or decentralized billing, SSO, enterprise-grade information security and data privacy, customized training & onboarding and a dedicated account manager.


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