NOMACHINE Cloud Server


NOMACHINE Cloud Server

NoMachine Cloud Server sits at the top of the NoMachine server stack to let organizations consolidate their entire NoMachine server environment. Tailored for organizations with large-scale deployments, it not only gives employees a secure, central access point to their application or desktop, it also permits administrators to build a scalable multi-tier infrastructure.


Available for Windows, Mac or Linux it conveniently converges any number of Enterprise Desktops, Workstations, Terminal Servers , Enterprise Terminal Servers and associated Terminal Server Nodes,“foreign” servers, and even second-level Cloud Servers under a single or clustered Cloud Server. Any NoMachine server or X-Windows host can be quickly added to the network just by using the administration GUI. With server fail-over protection included, administrators can create a highly-available active/passive cluster to ensure continuity of service to users should there be a master server outage.



  • Desktop Access
    • Federate multiple NoMachine servers to give access to desktops and applications
    • Federate foreign servers to give access to desktops and applications (e.g., Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, BSD)
    • Connect to remote desktops via browser
    • Connect to remote desktops from Android & iOS clients
    • Access to the physical desktop on localhost for administration
    • Wake-on-Lan
  • Security & Authentication
    • Connect behind NAT routers and firewalls
    • Secure communication protected by SSL cryptography
    • Support for industry standard SSH protocol
    • Full encryption for UDP traffic
    • Connect via HTTP proxy or SOCKS
    • PAM based authentication
    • Integrate with LDAP authentication infrastructure and MS Active Directory
    • Kerberos password authentication
    • Smartcard authentication and authentication forwarding to the session
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Separate account authentication on sub-servers in multi-domains
  • User Administration & User Management
  • Server Management

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