DATADOG Application Performance Monitoring (APM)


DATADOG Application Performance Monitoring (APM)



Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides end-to-end distributed tracing from frontend devices to databasesówith no sampling. By seamlessly correlating distributed traces with frontend and backend data, Datadog APM enables you to monitor service dependencies, reduce latency, and eliminate errors so that your users get the best possible experience.



  • End-to-end application performance monitoring

    • Follow requests from RUM sessions to services, serverless functions, and databases
    • View traces and logs in context with automatic trace_id injection
    • Connect distributed traces to infrastructure metrics, network calls, and live processes
    • Tie synthetic API and browser test failures to backend errors
  • No sampling, no blind spots

    • Ingest, search, and analyze 100% of traces live over the last 15 minutes
    • Retain errors and high latency traces automatically for 15 days
    • Control cost-visibility tradeoffs with custom Retention Filters
    • Generate custom metrics from all ingested spans to track trends and KPIs
  • Code-level visibility, instant root cause analysis

    • Inspect methods, classes, and threads for requests tied to Continuous Profiler
    • Break down slow requests by time spent in code on CPU, GC, lock contention, and I/O
    • Jump from high resource-consuming profiles to the worst offending traces
    • Enhance application performance monitoring with regression detection after code deploys
  • Track deploys, ship with confidence

    • Monitor and compare impacts of canary, blue-green, and shadow deploys on application performance
    • Pinpoint error and latency outliers with out-of-the-box service dashboards
    • Visualize service dependency changes due to deploys using the Service Map
  • Monitor application performance of any stack, anywhere

    • Deploy application performance monitoring in seconds on hosts, containers, serverless functions, and PaaS, and auto-instrument your application effortlessly
    • Utilize hundreds of integrations with third-party frameworks or libraries for unparalleled visibility into Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, or C++ applications
    • Access flexible support for vendor-neutral standards such as OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing

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