Forescout eyeSight


Forescout eyeSight



Forescout eyeSight delivers unparalleled insight into your entire Enterprise of Things (EoT) without disrupting critical business processes and allows you to continuously discover, classify and assess all connected things across your enterprise


Forescout eyeSight features:

  • Discover
    • Continuous agentless discovery
    • See devices the instant they connect to the network
    • Customize discovery and monitoring techniques to ensure availability
    • Continuously monitor as transient devices come and go
  • Classify
    • Intelligent auto-classification
    • Identify diverse types of IT, IoT and OT devices
    • Auto-classification powered by Forescout Device Cloud
  • Assess
    • Device posture assessment
    • Identify security exposures and compliance gaps
    • Assess adherence to internal and external mandates

The platform includes additional separate products:

  • Forescout eyeSegment
  • Forescout eyeControl
  • Forescout eyeInspect
  • Forescout eyeExtend

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